Enter the theater of beautiful business

From the final Living Room Session of the House of Beautiful Business

From emotional check-ins to laughter quotas and more

Photo by Joao Noguiera: 2019 House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon

A magician reminds us to engage the wonder mindset

A psychologist ponders the IRL effects of app design

An excerpt from the Book of Beautiful Business

From Serviette Sculptures: Mattia Giegher’s Treatise on Napkin Folding (1629); via Public Domain Review

A Q&A with RJ

A UX designer finds the joy in digital ethics

In conversation with Andy Hunter, founder and CEO of Bookshop

Photo by Idris Talib Solomon

A conversation with cybersecurity expert and activist Eva Galperin

Journal of Beautiful Business

The House of Beautiful Business is a global platform and community for making humans more human and business more beautiful. www.houseofbeautifulbusiness.com.

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